Next years swim in

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Doug Parsons, Aug 3, 2000.

  1. Doug Parsons

    Doug Parsons Guest

    Hello fellow amphibians,

    There has been some discussion on the board about the swim in next
    year, about the location of the swim in. Most feel that the way
    Celina goes out of there way and the numbers keep increasing that we
    should keep it there. Others say been there done that. Give us some
    input through the poll feature on this list or an email to me and it
    will give us some information to make us dangerous. While we know we
    can't please everybody it helps knowing what you feel.


    In regards to next year's swim in. How about making it
    longer. For those of us traveling many miles (or as with
    Dave, across the "pond"), a day and a half is very short....
    i.e. starts at 5 PM friday and by Sunday AM everybody is
    bugging out... Its true, a few came early and stayed later,
    but there was an lot to pack into just Saturday...

    Al and Debra Heath
  3. David Chapman

    Re: Re: Next years swim in

    > In regards to next year's swim in. How about making it
    > longer.

    That's certainly the case in Germany where the Amphicar swim-ins can last
    all week, sometimes through a second weekend - but then some companies there
    give their staff 40 days paid holiday a year and the average is around 30 !

    David Chapman

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