News Letters and some history about my car


[FONT='Tahoma','sans-serif']Digging through an old box of Amphicar stuff I found a bunch of old club news letters. Got a copy of Volume 1 of Gator Gossip. The inaugural issue! Lots of cool info inside. From 69 I have the Nov issue of the Amphicar News. Dec of 76, Jan and Feb of 77 and Jan and Feb of 80. Going to try to scan these over the next few weeks and get them to the club.

Also have a hand written photocopied announcement from Ken Gordon in Aug of 78 for the 1st International Amphicar owners club meet.

But the real jewel for me.... Finding all these news letters with a mailing address for a father and son combo addressed to a Fairbanks address. Looking up the names on the internet today I was able to contact the son. His father bought my car used back in the 60's. I got it from his son though a broker on an Ebay add so never had contact with him. I spoke with him and learned allot about my car. Years ago I came across a small photo in the Anchorage news paper of an Amphicar floating down 2nd street in Fairbanks after the big 67 flood. Governor Wally Hinkle, who was Nixon’s sec of the interior, was on a street corner waving at the driver. Anyway for years I've wondered if that was my car. Well I confirmed it today! Going to try and get a better copy of that photo for the car shows when I'm done. [/FONT]


I LOVE this stuff. How wonderful to get the photo and confirmation! Please let us see it, then and now!

Greg Long, Virginia