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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by David Derer, Jan 3, 2001.

  1. David Derer

    David Derer Guest

    Once again Amphipoda read my mind. In current (excellent) news letter I
    identified with thinking about swimming near every body of water. Toys
    too, the dream of seeing an Ertl 1/18 toy on shelf for 19.95. Hopeing to
    find some have to have chrome trim at second hand store. Great job and
    congratulations Prez and First Lady. Later Dave the Wave
  2. Gord Souter

    Gord Souter Guest

    Realy enjoyed this Months news letter, Great work.
    I do get it early threw email but find it hard to read on Computer, so do
    not bother with it all.
    but the printed version I can not put Down.
    Talked with Ron Treadeau last night, His is the red car splashing in at Mt
    Dora and he would like to Know whom took the photo and get ahold of them.
    Car count for Orillia swim in is getting as big as Mt Dora's and Hollands,
    No more rooms left in my house but still 30 acres of land to camp on.
    Date .. eekend of June 23,4,5. along with Xmas in June at port of
    Orillia and a meet with Micro Cars. see (
    Gord Souter,Canadian 4 amphs,

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