Newbie ... help me find a car please?


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Hi all,
In in the UK and havery always wanted to buy and amphicar. Unfortunately I have read lots but have learnt little compared to you guys. I see all different pricing and some especially crazy pricing in Netherlands and Belgium in Europe but they never sell and have been on sale for years.
My total budget is £20k which is about $30k and I want to know what yoy suggest is the maximum I could achieve for this value. I see poor quality cars at around $15 but cannot know if my budget will restore it enough to work again nicely.
I am fairly logical and am happy to do any work myself if it saves money. However I am not a mechanic or fabricator so that's a big minus for my ambition.
I'm hoping with enough community support I could find a decent car and make it work within budget. Yes I would ultamatey love a showroom car but that's a dream :(
Look forward to positive help and leads.
If you want to sell me your car then please realise this is not money I can afford to make a mistake with or replace. Its money gathered from passion and overeaching
Thanks again!


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Dude, I really want an original prewar Bugatti and I am happy to exchange my Amphicar with closed wallets. My car is in decent shape. Do you think my dream will come true as well?