New York swim-in

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    > The Amphicar Swim-In on Saturday, August 25th has moved from the
    > Rondout Marina in Kingston up to the Saugerties Lighthouse on the
    > Hudson River to join the "Between The Tides" Festival at the
    > Lighthouse, featuring food from local restaurants and live music.

    What a strange coincidence regarding the location of this weekend's
    swim-in. The Detroit News had an article about this light house this
    past June and I was so intriqued by it and the fact that you had to
    time the tides if you wanted to get off the island and go to dinner
    on the mainland that I saved the paper. I told my wife that we had to
    one day go there and spend the weekend and I remember thinking about
    the possibility of bringing the Amphicar so that, high tide or low
    tide, we could go to town whenever we wanted. It's amazing that I
    just saw the article and 2 months later, someone's having a swim-in
    I would have absolutely been there this weekend, Bill if I hadn't
    already pulled my engine out to fix my slipping clutch before I saw
    the message. Timing is everything. To everyone who is attending, have
    a great time and I'd love to see some photos afterwards. Enjoy and if
    the location stays the same for next year, I'll be there.

    Greg Zinkosky(Michigan)
    '67 Amphi white(very white I'm told)

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