New Year


Dave Derer

Daves way or no way. Some times it just has to be. I brought the party
into the hot tub room and video of my choice was of course Pontiac Moon.
Ended and started the year on the right track. First call of the day was
from Tom Jones(Blue Gill). I think he just wanted to hear my brain
pounding. Then I made my offer on a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible.
500 cubic inches arg arg arg. Next was possible sale of my red 66 Amphi
project. All in all not a bad start. I will be stealing Nick Borchardts
idea off 110 volt converter. I bought some red rope lighting. I want to
do a Venetian night this summer. I will be trying neon in front wheel
wells too. That should look pretty cool Friday Night in Celina. With all
the work lined up I do not think my car will be painted. It may just be
in primer. He he he he. It is frozen now here and the Amphi addiction is
hard to feed. I have watched the Mt Dora tape a few times already this
week. Mt Dora is great and you really need to buy the tape. I will be
bringing up to the Club Board on hiring a video person for Celina. I
want a one one interview with every car. A couple years back Eric
Mattlin video taped a lot of the cars and interiors and it makes for a
nice reference. Viva Celina! Later Dave the Frozen Wave