New Walt Disney World Restaurant Offers Amphicar Rides


Fast and Loud, the gas monkey garage TV show, sold one of them to a wise guy that mentioned a restaurant attraction. I don't know if this is it or not.


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Steve S. from Minn. bought the cars all over the place, alot were poor but he had many mods done on them
Rear seat is back further
elc. ing
Fuel injection
Rear hood lovers reversed.motor mow blow heat out instead of sucking it in.
Has 9 cars there with 6 on the line at one time
Drivers are inexperianced so this should be interesting.
caught them shifting water gears into forward while rolling on the down ramp...grind!

15 April 020.jpg

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
It amazes me that a person can have a dream and some how make it such a great-giant reality. I am going to dream bigger from now on!!DSCN3667.JPG


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I would like it if someone could get a photo or two of the engine compartment and post them here. I am interested in the mods they made.

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Well, I like the idea of Disney Amphicar rides very much. And I have watched several videos about Boathouse Amphicar rides. In one of the photos I can even count 13 Captains!!! So it looks like serious business.
With my Amphicar I quite often think about reasons why I shouldn't take it out for a spin in the water, because I want to have a good balance between fun and preservation.
But the videos do show fulltime Amphicar use mainly in the water. I don't want to be pessimistic but I wonder how long this is gonna last. I really do hope that it will be going on for a very long time because then I will get more confidence in using my Amphicar more often for funrides, especially in the water.

Any other thoughts about this?
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we use ours all the time, year round.
heres some links Steve sent me.
Std motors. he will lert us know his mods in due time.
: Steven Schussler <>
Subject: Links to 4 stories about The BOATHOUSE

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Good Morning Ted,
Steve asked me to send the following article to you. Please see the links below.
Orlando Sentinel:

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
Nation's Restaurant News:



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They have to change the wheel bearings frequently, that's it. So if there are 6 Ampicars in use and two ore three in spare, i don't see any problem. They never go in water with hot wheel bearings, thats positive. But they never drive them hot after water use, thats negative.

Better to use stainless steel sleeves on the running surface of the oil seals.

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It would be nice to get a group of Amphicar owners to place a bulk order for several aluminium deck lids (original specs) to replace rusted and or polyester ones.
Anyone in the USA and/or Europe interested?
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Steve,, and his man behind the scenes Dave,, are making new STEEL rear hoods in Min.
The louvers are all different to make the air go backwards to the way Amphicar did it, but the fellow is making complete frames and skins, I will be trying to get a hold of Them.
I want to try out the reverse air flow too. cars run much cooler!
Think you can see it in photo at start of post(white car).

It'll be interesting to see how that works for Disney through a Florida summer. The reverse cooling method has been tried by a number of owners over the years and most eventually revert to original. Cooling should never be too much of a problem on the water as long as the engine is setup right as the revs and therefore heat are much lower and Disney cars aren't used on the road where more people have problems The original cooling was also designed to divert water so the car continues to run if a big wave goes through those louvres - probably not an issue on that lake. Key to effectiveness of cooling is the temp of the land transmission oil, especially a highway speed, that should be below 90c, the original Amphicar method normally achieves that.


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I am very intrigued by the modifications as claimed before. They definately do have fuel injection. The handgas and choke cables have been removed as can be seen on this screenshot.
Would Mr Wave know anything about the injection system? image.jpg
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