New Topic: Paint Removal



Okay, enough about magnetos... how about we
debate methods of paint removal from the old
bilge area? Oh no, that reminds me of another
old Amphipoda posting...

Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 13:41:19
On the subject of strippers, to which my hands
on knowledge is greatly outdated due to Mermaid
intervention, I respectfully submit the following....
Aside from the obvious health & safety risks so
eloquently depicted in a prior posting, this
posting addresses stripper selection. Let's
be realistic here gang....I'm talking about strippers
and their use in Amphi. After all, really good
strippers are hard to find and even fewer are
capable of performing well in an Amphi. My
friends prefer a variety of those flashy overseas
type strippers, to which I caution for their shear
instability and unreliability in tight quarters.
One might also consider the age of one's stripper
as the older versions tend to thicken (but this
also allows them to spread quite easily), while
the newer ones tend to be unproven and somewhat
unresponsive. Another consideration is what the
stripper recommends for clean up activities. Many
are soap & water soluble, while others require an
expensive series of payouts to a neutralizing agent.
Extreme care should be taken when dealing with
these agents... some are even more toxic than the
actual stripper. Also using more than one stripper
at a time could further compromise one's control
over any one particular stripper, there by allowing
strippers to interact and sort of just "do their own
thing.." There are also a variety of moral and
ethical dilemmas to consider when using strippers
in Amphi, not the least of which is how the neighbors
will deal with the byproducts. Oh sure, I could
ramble on about environmental concerns too,
but would you even bother to read about such an
important topic from someone like me? Keep in
mind the objective of a good stripper is to get rid
of an unwanted condition, but how that objective
is accomplished could have tremendous implications
on your Amphi's popularity, hence stripper selection
should be made with more than just the end result in
mind. I personally wouldn't be caught dead with a
stripper in my Amphi... at least not in public.

Happy Valintines Day to all the Mermaids in
our amphibious community.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA