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Hello everyone.

I don't know when exactly my Amphicar story began but I do remember seeing pictures in newspapers many years ago and thinking they were really impressive. By the time the Internet came along, the prices on these cars had gone beyond what I considered to be within my reach. I still kept the corner of my eye open though and about a month ago I was shocked to see one come up in a search on Kijiji, 2 hours from me. It's in amazing shape and the price was reasonable to say the least. I thought hard about it for about 3 days and then I decided that this might be the chance I had been waiting for. I went and had a look, made an offer and gave them a down payment. The next weekend, the car was in my garage. I still take a peek in there once in a while to admire it. My dream has come true and I couldn't be more pleased. Looking forward to getting to know each of you.

Steve from Kemptville Ontario


Amphicar Expert
Steve, since your only a few hours away and we have no snow yet you should take a dive over and visit my shop, see the parts I stock, 4 finished Amphicars etc..Other's would die to live close to Canada's Largest Amphicar Parts and retoration Shop.


Hi Gord

Thanks for the generous invitation. I will try to schedule some time to come down your way for a visit in the coming months. I got my car running on Saturday and it runs pretty well considering it's been sitting for at least 5 years. The big bonus is that the transmission seems to be in good shape including pretty good sychronizers. Very relieved and now anxious for Spring.

Welcome aboard Steve...
Since my Amphi is still a "project" I haven't made it to too many swim-ins, but I do make it to Celina.
Hope to see you there this year.

edit: (I thought I had already said hello) ;)