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COPS N RODDERS SHOW in Hamilton Ontario Canada on the 25 August 2019.

Gord Souter, Herb & I were there last year and had a great time.

It is a car show but there is a well maintained free city ramp in the middle of the show, great for Amphicars as you can go out around Hamilton Harbour and eventually into Lake Ontario.

The address is Bayfront Park, 200 Harbour Front Drive, Hamilton Ontario.

They have not released a poster yet but if you want more information contact me (bwana) or Gord Souter.

Thank you.

Dr. Michael Smith (bwana)


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Hamilton is about 1 hour away from Buffalo USA. Get your passport ready! and come on up.
Micro car North is on this weekend, I'm taking my Metropolitan to it(6 miles from my house)