New production pedal pads now in stock



Hi Everyone,

A lot of you have back orders on these beauties. Well, the wait was
worth it. Forget the old price of $27.33, pedal pads are now $17.50!
That's a savings of $9.83 off each pad! Be sure to take the extra 10%
savings this month (see our May flyer). Your net price is only
$15.75! Thanks everyone for all your suggestions about the new pedal
pads. Keep the ideas coming in. What would you like next?

Glad everyone had a great time at the Rock River Swim-In. Don't let
Dave the Wave kid you. He's being too humble when he says he was just
an "attendee". Dave is the heart and soul of the bravest swim-in of
the year. One year, bow smashing white caps roll over the
windshield. Next year, it could be 85F with heat fog and crickets
leaping across lily pads, escaping the tongue of hungry frogs. Superb
job, everyone!

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