New Pre-Registration Record



58 Amphicars have pre-registered for Celina!!!
That is a record, my fine finned friends, as far
as pre-registration of the BIG event goes.
Assuming we get the typical half dozen to a
dozen Amphicars crashing the party unregistered
AND those slippery non-IAOC owners who wade in
too... this could very well be the largest
gathering of Amphicars in North American history.
And even if it dosen't shatter the old record
of 67 & a half (one Amphi was trailer bound and
in 3,247 pieces), it will come mighty close.
Shaping up to be one hellva an aquatic party.
Less than 2 weeks away and counting... Still
not too late to join in the fun. I hear tell
rooms at the Villas and the Holiday Inn have
opened up. Be part of history - Do Celina 2006!

Be well, swim safe.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA