New Photos on this amphicar-lovers site



For those who may be interested I have just uploaded 44 pictures of
my restoration of my 1964 RHD Amphicar VIN 200021, in the photo
folder named VIN 200021.

Also here is 'copy' of information provided to the producer for a
recent UK Granada TV program 'Mad about Motors'.

? Paul Senior's 1964 amphicar (CGP 416B), Serial Number 200021
is number 21/98 and is belived to be the oldest surviving RHD
amphicar. He first saw an amphicar in 1963 when he was a youngster
whilst sailing with his grandfather on Lake Windermere,at the UK's
Lake District National Park. Mr. Curwen of Belle Isle owned that
amphicar and used his car to cross the lake to his 16th Century home
on the island. In 1995 Paul started looking for an amphicar, and
finally found one (with help from David Chapman)in February 2000. It
was completely rusted out and probably hadn't been driven for many
years, but only showed 14,000 miles on the broken speedometer at the
used car dealer in Birmingham. It was either restore this car or sell
it for parts as the dealer had left the car outside, exposed to the
elements. So Paul started an 18 month ground up restoration, which
concluded with winning the Judges Trophy (Best in Show) at the
British Classic Boat Show in August 2001. Subsequently this car has
been on TV's "Mad about Motors" in March 2002.

Best Regards,
Paul Senior

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