New member BW3 the story continues


David Derer

Got a call yesterday, from guy in Iowa. He thought I was going
to be upset that he joined Club but did not buy an "Amphicar". He bought
something much cooler, 502 cubic inches in a Hydra Spyder. From the company
that makes the awesome boaterhome/ motorhome. He wants to attend Sabula
next year. *** BW3 the dream continues. Starting with the tubes that hold
stub axles in and basic rear hull design. Then incorporating a mid 80's flat
sided K car convertible. I will end up with an Amphicar that has electric
convertible top and windows that will actually seal. About a foot longer
for comfort. And a wiper system that works too. All the while retaining original
Amphicar look. Time frame hopefully two years. Metal Meet was great. Later
Dave the Wave </meta>