New Maint. Manuals


Cap''n John

I received my original manual/parts books last week (YIPPEE!). I will
be scanning them in and making some nice bound 1st gen. laser printed
copies soon. I don't have a timeline just yet. I am as of yet
undecided on the methoud of bounding. I have had a number of requests
for the wire spiral so they can be opened up and laid back on
themselves for easy reading. So that may be the one unless I get more
feedback on other opinions. If I have the time (Maybe this winter), I
am contemplating including a PDF (much nicer than present ver. seen
in the members section)) of both the Maint. and Parts manuals with

It is so nice to actually see detail in those B/W pics (compared to
the 3rd generation photocopies currently available) You can actually
see the dirt in the bilge of the car they used for the pics! When I
have done manual in the past, at least we used clean subjects for the


Hello this is Earl and Barb please let us know when some are ready and we
will be GLAD to buy them thanks, Earl Shaffer

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