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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by John Bevins, Sep 24, 2000.

  1. John Bevins

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    "Bill Connelly" <billiam@e...> wrote:
    > Dear Cap'n:

    > Well, as promised you will find that I've added a link to your Parts
    > Catalog's old address,
    > in pride of place on the new Club "Restoration" page at
    > that should insure
    some traffic.

    Thanks for the help! I have been working on the electrical.The
    drawings are mostly redone. Soon I will will start the HTML for

    Last Sunday 90 deg, today, snowing and 38 deg! Si I had some time on
    the compuker.

    I trimmed off a bunch of fat from the old site and did a remodel of
    the whole thing in general last Friday eve. (got rid of frames) Then
    shortly after my connection wouldn't let me play. So until about 3:00
    (mountain) today I couldn't let you know that paths have changed.
    Sorry Bill!

    So why is your Catalog "404" now of all times? In fact, your
    > whole site seems to have disappeared without a trace except for the
    > Screen.

    Humm? I noticed that there were a few hits. It works here (I.E). Some
    paths have changed so your book marks may be the problem.(?)


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