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Canadian four amphs

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As I was getting hit with 400 scams a day,, it it was time to retire my old address, that I had from houseboat days in the 90,s
the new ones a mix of my first name @ my web site
I will try and make a hidden mass mail and get it out to all Amphi folks soon , along with new parts I am working on.
Today I should have the Thermo kits back ready to go,,they will be $30 plus mailing for the month of September. includes 2 gaskets 1 alu, 1/4 spacer, thermo 160,2 bolts and gasket for temp sensor in kit.

I am still having trouble from Texas, as alot of you know,(after I settled to stop him).Anybody have conections at Us customs to find out if(Mr, X) is behind my tough border crossings?

Canadian four amphs

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Tryed to send out..
looks like I can recieve but not send right now.A couple have got out but as of today (tus.) still have a bunch of unsent)
remember im on Dial up out here in country so no add ons or photos please, they take hours to download.(and again today a friend sent photos) 30 min later!
Spent yesterday loading up on sound proof heat proof kits,Have enough material for ...alot... of amphicars..

Canadian four amphs

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tryed to fix it now cant send or receive,,
Larry:eek: I need to get Red Amphicar removed from club classified. (SOLD):D
I do have a fully restored white 62 will try to get info out sometime soon.
Also remove my Last Name for all Adds in the club web.
Gord,Canadian OK.

U jionts.

All 3 types were sent to a U-jiont guy in Ohio whom is working on supplying all 3 types(Spring, have not heard back)


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Gord - One reason you have made it onto so many spam lists is because when you send out emails you place all the addressses in the "TO:" line, place them in the "CC:" line. CC is closed copy which hides the email addys. Also once something is on the internet, it's there forever even after you delete it, so deleteing and doing all that is not very effective. It's not your name being out there, it all the emails you send to so many using the "To:" line that exposes your addy. Your best bet is to set up your email to intercept he spam and delete it automatically. All email software has this filter option. When you get spam, select that email and denote it as spam and then anything from that addy will automatically be deleted or moved to a spam folder and deleted automatically after a number of days that you specify.

I have had my email for many years and I don't see 98% of the hundreds of spams (or crap from people you don't want to hear from too, not just spam) I get because they are filtered out. I hope this helps you out.

Ed Price

Mr. Bevins probably meant to say use the "BCC". CC means "carbon copy", not
"closed copy", a reference so old only the near senile understand the
meaning. "BCC" is "blind carbon copy", which results in the recipient not
being able to see any other recipients of a mass mailing.

Placing recipient addresses in the TO and CC boxes is more a matter of
social protocol; you put the primary addressee in the TO box, and perhaps a
number of his associates or subordinates in the CC box. If you are sending
out an email notice to multiple recipients, and you want to preserve
everyone's privacy, then put all recipients in the BCC box.

Ed Price
El Cajon, CA USA
1961 Amphicar
1987 MB 420SEL


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Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 8:09 AM
Subject: RE: [General Amphicar Discussion-t-20548] Re: New email Address

Gord - One reason you have made it onto so many spam lists is because when
you send out emails you place all the addressses in the "TO:" line, place
them in the "CC:" line. CC is closed copy which hides the email addys.

John Bevins

Canadian four amphs

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Because I live in the FAR NORTH and have dial up the only thing I use internet for is Email. even this page is SLOWWWWWW for me,
I am not at all comp, smart.. I am a mechanic.
I work with my hands, but between my comp man and my provider we got the send isue sorted out .
I can now send and Receive, YEA,,
Comp, man has explained all that to me too.
I now have a full list of Amphicar people at one click and I know now to send to me with all else listed in the Bcc box
That is how I sent out my new email address to everyone
I will now be able to keep[ everyone informed of the new parts and Prices I have on my Amphicar Stock

BUT as far as my name, I use to google my name in and the 1st thing that poped up was my web site.
since I removed my name it does not pop up, just everything else.. club site, etc..... I will now be very carefull useing anybodys full name..only do it with permition.