New Club Website Pages


Bill Connelly


In response to several requests, the Club's website at now features a few new tools to help folks keep
abreast of changes to the site:

* The "Site last updated..." note on the home page now links to a new
"Recent Changes & Additions" roster page at . Henceforth, all changes to the site,
even minor ones, will be logged in here, most recent at the top.

* There's also a link to this new "Recent Additions & Changes" page on a
slightly revamped "Search This Site" page at .

* For those interested in viewing the file-by-file guts of the whole
website, the previously unlinked "Rick's Belly of the Beast" robot-generated
file-by-file site contents page at is
now linked on the new "Recent Changes & Additions" page at .

As before, those wishing to just keep up to speed with changes to the
popular "Classified Ads" page at or the
"Events Calendar" page at can always
use the "Mind-It" email notification service found on both pages (look for
the red box near bottom). This will automatically email you when changes
are made to these pages. By the way, you can also use "Mind-It" to keep
track of any other websites you happen to be interested in.

Hmmm....the sun's shining. I guess it's off to the river. Whoopppeee!