New Arrivals at Gordon Imports, Inc.!




Back-up lens assembly (10-32-41), $189.83 each
Complete with brilliant chrome shell receptacle socket with bulb.
Original quality lens with chromed ring, black rubber seal base,
chrome mounting screws, large center hole nut and washer, plus
rubber wire sealing black boot. In stock today for immediate

Chrome shell with bulb socket (10-32-41a), $95.99 each
And large nut and washer. Order if you already have your lens. In
stock now for immediate delivery.

Black boot (10-32-43BB), $7.17 each
Shaped like a church bell, it covers the wires where assembly mounts
above taillight. Has inner lip to snap on assembly nut. In stock
now for immediate delivery.

Economy back-up lens (10-32-42E), $9.95 each
Same as original, but of inferior quality. NOTE: We bought out a
supplier, and once these are gone, they're gone! Blemishes include
fuzzy, dull gray chrome, bulges, bumps, and milky-like transparency,
instead of clear-like glass. Great for the salt water Amphicar. In
stock now for immediate delivery.

Powder Coated metal headlight buckets (10-32-12R), $119.95 each
With the three mounting tabs spot welded inside for the headlight
retaining rim, and the tab for the headlight rim mounting chrome
screw. In stock, March 15th, for immediate delivery.

Fin mouldings (12-46-03/03b), $69.95 each
Brilliant, mirror finish, stainless steel! Just like our hub caps
and splash rubber mouldings. Throw away those old, anodized, skimpy
mouldings. You know the routine. A simple knick, scratch, or dent,
and the anodized coating is toast. Well, these will be the last fin
mouldings you ever buy. A scratch, a ding? Who cares! Just sand
and polish it away and your moulding is new again. Actual warehouse
arrival is April. Our $69.95 price is a pre-arrival price, valid
even for those of you with mouldings on back order. A really nice
feature is our easy installation. The inside gap is fractionally
wider to reduce damage during installation. No more pounding,
pulling, or twisting. All other mouldings will follow shortly, with
incredible pricing!!