New Amphicar Chat Room


Bill Connelly

A couple of months ago the company that used to host "Rupraecht Wilco's Chat
Nook" (used as "The Amphicar Chat Room") sank without a trace, just another
"dot-bomb", taking this popular free chat service down with it.

When that chatroom disappeared without warning, I promised to find some
other fuss-free alternative for the Club's website. Since that time
chat-minded folks have been relying on the Amphicar-Lovers List's built-in
YahooGroups chat feature. As a stopgap measure this has been OK, working
well for most folks, even if it does require prior Yahoo registration and
user names and passwords and then forces users to view lots of banner ads,
popups and other snoodlets while they chat.

However, I am now pleased to announce that the International Amphicar Owners
Club in cooperation with its can't-say-no sister site is once
again hosting its very own Fuss-Free Chat Rooms on its own servers with no
ads, complicated logins, passwords or other silliness. Just pick a name and
you're chatting. To try it out, just look for the new "Amphi Chat" button
right on the club website's home page, or you can bookmark .

The new chat service seems to work pretty well, but I welcome any
suggestions for refinements. And of course, if it turns out that most folks
are just happier with the frillier YahooGroups service, I can always pull
the plug on this new fuss-free no-frills service. No sense breaking up the