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  1. Bill Connelly

    This is just a heads up that there is a very nice article in the September
    2000 issue of _Classic & Sports Car_ which features the Amphicar and two
    other amphibians, the Dutton Commander and the Alvis Stalwart. The issue
    should be available at your better newstands (I got mine at Barnes & Noble).
    Those far from civilization or who encounter this message in the List's
    archives at a later date can likely get a copy from: Haymarket Reprints, PO
    Box 200, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 3FG, United Kingdon; Tel. 01235 534323.

    Below is the item's record from the Library Catalog (see for more details).


    Author: Rees, Christopher.
    Year: 2000
    Title: "That sinking feeling", in: Classic & Sports Car (Sep 2000)
    Magazine: Classic & Sports Car
    Volume: v. 19
    Issue Number: n. 6
    Pages: p. 122-127 : ill. (color) ; 29 cm.
    Date: September 2000

    Remarks: Very nattily and enjoyably written when compared with most other
    automotive press articles, featuring as it does the unabashed use of such
    words and phrases as "Brobdingnagian", "truculent" and "Munchhausen yarn".

    Amphicar--Road tests and evaluations.
    Alvis Stalwart--Road tests and evaluations.
    Dutton Commander--Road tests and evaluations.
    Motor vehicles, Amphibious--Testing.
    Military amphibious vehicles--Civilian use.
    Chapman, David--Interviews.
    Deaville, David--Interviews.
    Dutton, Tim--Interviews.

    Abstract: Evaluation of three amphibious vehicles in a lake in
    Gloucestershire, England: David Chapman's Amphicar, Dave Deaville's Alvis
    Stalwart and Tim Dutton's Dutton Commander. Features a water race between
    the Amphicar and Dutton Commander. (The Amphicar won.)
    Notes: Additional Contents page caption: Drowning by numbers.
    Additional Contents title: Amphibians afloat: Two water babies-- and a
    Includes many color photographs.

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