New Amphi Owner


Michael Echemann

The quote below is from Robert Hudson the most recent owner of an Amphicar
purchased from me this month off the club website. He's in Florida so naturally
he's already using the car. He's in Lakeland in case anyone wants to make
contact. I've suggested he join this list but since he hasn't yet I'm not
forwarding his email address. He is in the club directory. I've told him about
Mt. Dora so you lucky ones who will be going there may meet him.

I took the car out again yesterday..ran/floated great. My wife and i recently
moved into a new neighbor hood and we hardly knew the neighbors..that is until i
brought the amphicar home..I am now the most popular guy in the neighbor
hood!!!!! I am going out of town again this week, but will take some PICS of the
car in the water this weekend and will e-mail to you..
thanks for your support

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