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    Just posted some pictures of Nick's latest adventures (see surfing
    file and daring driving)

    The surfing was easy. Nick said he was barely off idle. If he went
    much faster the kids complained that it was harder to surf. Turning
    was a little tricky but was managed after some practice. The kids
    ranged in age from 4 to 12.

    Had to add a picture of Nick driving with the door open for those of
    you who didn't believe his story at Celina.

    On another note-- Ron & Sally from Iowa are now amphiless. They had
    a red car for sale at Celina but were on the fence as to keeping or
    selling. They also joined the club at Celina. Now their car has
    joined 9 other amphis in Stillwater MN. When I talked to Sally she
    seemed in shock. The fact that it was actually gone was still hard
    to believe. She should realize by now that being amphiless only
    limits and doesn't eliminate the rides and the fun with amphi
  2. Marc Schlemmer

    Sandy....great shots!
    It doesn't look like much water even would go in as Nick opened the that the case?

    Marc Schlemmer.

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