never saw this ignition key setup before


Hi there ,
It is for the European style Amphicar with a steering lock and no bilge blower / we mostly have them overhere and the keys are very different then the USA version.
We have a ignition key and also a key for door and dash.
Steering lock key start with B14 and a following number ,it starts with 1 and as far as i can tell it goes to 40 or 50 up.
Keys are almost impossible to get if they are lost / I had to send them to a locksmith that opened it up and made keys to the lock cylinders.
If you need key a have a small data base with owners and key numbers in the Netherlands.
I have a green one also with the non glaring black paint at the doors [ same paint as the dash ]and one with the normal paint on the doors .
I thought that this was done by a former owner , now i am wondering if it was an factory option to have it black .


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I Have an inventory of those keys. Will take a snap of the ones I have when I get back to shop Mid Dec.


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My 67 Red car was originally a Canadian car with Vin 106524160 . It has the black crinkle paint on the door tops and all around the windshield. It had a poor windshield washer system that I heard was a requirement in Canada. It has the standard, common key for all the locks with the ignition key on the dash and no steering wheel lock system. Hugh once told me that Tommy's car is a 68. I think Hugh said he sold it to him.

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