Negative Ground Help



Anyone who's planning to switch their Amphi to negative ground will
find that the main problem is getting the gas gauge to work after the
switch. Essentially, the best way to do it is to make the gauge think
it's in a positive ground car. You do this by electrically "floating"
the gauge and sending unit from the body. Most people do that by
retapping the gas tank and gauge cluster and using, more readily
available, nylon SAE screws. I never liked the idea of getting those
particles in the gas tank and decided to try to find the correct
nylon, metric screws that would make the process easy. Finding the
scews was a bit of a problem and when I found them I had to buy 100 of
them. Oh well, it's done now. Anyway, you only need about 5 of them
for the tank sending unit and three more, of another size, for the
gauge cluster. Since I now have plenty, I'll send a few to anyone
who's planning on such a change. Just send me three dollars through
PayPal or by check, for the postage and little bag thing and I'll get
them to you.
I've also tracked down those Petronix electronic ignition gizmo's for
both postive and negative ground cars. They're a bit more money
though, $85 for negative ground and $90 for postive ground. I haven't
got my Amphi running yet but I've heard good things about them and
they drop in with no modification of the distributor so you can always
switch back if you want to.

John Friese
242 E.Alamar
Santa Barbara, CA 93105