Need Some Guidance on Bypassing Bilge Blower


My '67 Amphicar just told me it's time to bypass the bilge blower.
From what I see, when looking at the blower's wiring block (see below), there are three sets of paired wires.
The set on the right come from the bypass button. They will no longer be needed since I'm going to hardwire the bypass.
The other two sets of wires have theirs circuits interrupted by the bilge blower circuitry.
Logic tells me, if I connected each of the paired wires together, I've then bypassed the bilge blower.
Am I missing something?

Randy Bograd
Gaithersburg, MD



Amphicar Expert
Remove the Green wire from the Ignition switch and replace it with the Green/ Red stripe wire. This will bypass the blower unit, but may still work with dash switch.
BTW.. all original key switches have numbers on them, This one is 5520,, This means your replacement key is 5520, and I stock most keys.

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