Need info on restoring brakes

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I would like to know what's the best course or restoring the brakes.

I assume I'll need minimum:
rebuild kit for brake cylinders all 4 corners
Rebuild Master Cylinder
Rubber brake hoses all 4 corners
shoes for all 4 corners

Should I fool with rebuild kits or just buy the whole assemblies

Is there anything I am missing?

Where's the best place to source these parts?


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Don't know if this place is still around but, you may want to check. Here is an old posting.

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Originally Posted by LAH20CAR
or spend $720 to re-sleeve

Lots of Amphi owners, including myself, have had them resleeved and rebuilt by the following shop. They will resleeve them in stainless and return them ready to go with proper rubber seals and new bleeders. About 3-4 years ago
it cost me $100 for both rear cylinders. Turn-around time was also very quick.

Brake & Equipment
445 NE Harrison St
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Yes, there are choices to make. This is a good thing because years ago choices were more limited and everything was very expensive.

I just did a complete brake job this spring including grease seals and bearings along with all new cylinders and shoes.
(I even sleeved the hubs due to damage, that is in another thread)
For the cylinders it is less expensive to buy all of them new. I waited until Gordon's had them on sale. I had some rebuilt by White Post years ago, it was $100 per cyl.
Front shoes for me came from Gord. He has a special material he uses which grabs rather than slip when wet.
He will want the cores.
For the rear shoes I had a place in Minneapolis reline them.

A word of caution, do not mix up the backing plates on the front!
Have fun!


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I have 1 set of shoes left.(8 pcs) Had a pile in spring and a lot of sales this year. Cause of Covid 19 a lot of the cores never made it back to me(there at Herbs) Full set of shoes ready to go at Herbs too(Ohio)
Have flex lines in stock
1 NOS master cyl. and some replacement ones too.
Some wheel cyl.
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Also, very important, You will want to swap over to a dual brake system. You need a VW bus master cylinder, I think the years are 68-1970 non power brake. Also a dual brake fluid bottle, or another Amphicar original one mounted next to the one you have and a line from the master cylinder to the bottle ( copy the one you have. ) I had a full set of stainless brake lines made up also. It was worth the little extra cost for peace of mind. Remove your original tubing and measure the lengths you need. Classic Tubing, Lancaster NY, 716-759-1800
I just did this job - replacing or rebuilding everything from the master cylinder to the brake shoes, including all of the hard and flex lines. The spreadsheet I used to plan the job and track the expenses is attached (as a PDF, since the site wouldn't accept an Excel spreadsheet). I hope it's helpful. The car stops well.

Search the Forum for other helpful suggestions on brake work. There is some good information in the archives.

Happy motoring, Doug


  • 1964 Amphicar 770 - Brake System Rebuild - Plan and Steps - for Amphicar Forum.pdf
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I suggest changing to the dual master cylinder setup as described above, and while everything is new and clean, switch to the silicone brake fluid - it's helped my Amphicar and reduces maintenance headaches. Buy the replacement wheel cylinders new when on sale from Gordon Imports. I have not had any problems with the bronze type hard brake lines I used to replace the rusty steel ones; Eastwood sells a nice tool for forming the double beads on the ends of the metal brake lines.

Thanks, Doug, for sharing the spreadsheet!

Dave in Lake Stevens WA