Need help - How to flash my generator



Following conversion to negative ground, my car battery slowly went
dead. I believe I've narrowed it down to the generator, and the
mechanic that converted the car verified he did not touch the
generator as he thought it would reverse polarity on its own.

Can anyone provide instruction as to the process involved to flash
the unit? One website says this:

Flashing The Field
1. Connect jumper from DF to D-
2. Battery minus to D-
3. Touch battery's + to the D+ on the generator.
4. There will be a little spark.
5. May be done with generator mounted on the engine.
6. With the square T6C regulator, lift the D+ from the regulator
when flashing.

It also has a diagram, but I see only two posts (not three) on the
generator, and I don't know which wire is which.

We'd like to get this done before leaving for Celina. Help is
(again) appreciated.