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Got back last night from the swim-in at lake Norman north of Charlotte NC.
Had a great time, and as usual, Amphicars stole the show from Jags & woodies
alike. We were treated very well by the show organizers. Got in on Friday
and met up with Marc & Elizabeth & Dieter Harre & his wife. Had a reception
that night and prepared for the show the next day. We had 7 Amphis there and
gave rides to locals. I had the fortune to meet the boat show organizer and
we traded rides on the water. He took me on a ride in his skiff, a small
cigarette boat with 450HP motor that he obviously uses to scare the unaware.
We bounced along at 90MPH, he slowed down to 70 for the corners as the side
of the boat was level with the water, and I was looking down and holding on
for dear life. My pants got wet from all the water sloshing around, that's
what I told everyone later. I took his wife for a ride who turned out to be
from Germany, who remembered seeing an Amphi in her youth there going under
a bridge. They were delighted, and so was I. We all received nice plaques
with our names & car info on them, and Marc won a nice trophy for first
place. I had to leave early, and I suppose everyone else is on the road
right now. I also had the pleasure of being last in at the entry
demonstration where many people were lined up on the dock at the ramp. All
before me eased in with nary a ripple down the long steep entry, lulling the
onlookers into dry safety. I came down the ramp at about 20MPH and hit the
water with a huge splash, soaking all the people standing there. That was
not enough, as Victor (from Fla) wanted another picture so back out and down
the ramp again for an even bigger splash. I cant wait to see the pictures. I
am sure the others will post more, as there were other memorable events
worth mention. It was a nice time, as I missed Celina this year. Still
smiling, Mark
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> Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 07:01:52 -0400
> From: "Bill Connelly" <>
> Subject: Re: Spark plugs, high altitude ops and caravan
> [...snip!] Last weekend I took the car on a 500 mile round trip to the
> Sierras for some camping and boating at a 6500 foot elevation lake just
> of Lake Tahoe. The engine ran very rich at that altitude as evidenced by
> hard starting, low power output and a sooty tail pipe. Nevertheless,
> performed absolutely flawlessly for the entire adventure. It handled very
> well on the road, too, after the recent toe-in adjustment. Upon returning
> to near sea level, I noticed that the black soot that was present inside
> tail pipe is now gone, replaced by the normal thin grayish color again.
> anyone had any success changing the high speed metering orifice in their
> Solex carb to get a leaner fuel/air mixture? Does anyone know the correct
> sizes for altitude ranges? Any advice to the group would be much
> appreciated.
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=
> Believe it or not, the topic of "Mile High Amphicars" came up on this List
> just about 2 years ago. Here's an excerpt from an item I posted on the
> subject fthen rom the List Archives at
> :
> 8/9/99:
> Congratz on your mutation into a webtoed motorist! Below are some
> and replies to your questions:
> > I have a couple of questions; (1) Will this car run at altitude? how
> in the water?
> If you're really "up there" where the air's thinner than [insert favorite
> Kate Moss anatomical metaphor here], then you may want to advance your
> Amphicar's engine timing approximately one degree per thousand feet of
> elevation to compensate (unlike the old Amphi, most newer vehicles perform
> such ignition advance automatically by means of various sensors).
> Being about a mile high up there in Aurora, Colorado, you might want to
> setting the timing about 5&1/2 to 6 degrees advanced from the 15 degrees
> BTDC (i.e. Before Top Dead Center) that is given in the Amphicar Service
> Manual, which is the recommended setting at sea-level, and then just see
> it runs happier. Instructions on setting the Amphicar's normal sea-level
> timing are found in the Amphicar Service Manual in the appendix in the
> on page "A/7" (These are available from Hugh Gordon, Tel. 714-523-3512).
> advance the timing from there, loosen and turn the distributor
> counter-clockwise. Whatever you decide, I would DEFINITELY recommend a
> fresh set of properly gapped spark plugs. Knowing they were perfect when
> you popped them in, you can then pull them out from time to time and see
> from their condition how your motor's handling things up there in the
> clouds. If you're not sure what it is you should be seeing, then you'll
> usually find little color photos of the conditions of spark plugs
> to a variety of engine conditions, including pre- and overly retarded
> ignition in those Chiltons and other service manuals for this or that
> of car or motorcycle sold in most auto goods shops. Just grab any one off
> the rack and start thumbing.
> As for the water up there...well, water's water so long as it ain't
> salty...though I'd imagine your glacier-fed lakes are probably a tad
> chillier than I'm used to. So, if you've been riding your brakes all the
> way down from Pike's Peak to the edge of some Coors commercial type of
> with snickering deer or jackalopes or whatever the hell those big
> dog-looking things are in the bushes there, then you may want to let your
> wheels stop smoking before plowing into that icewater. I mean, we're
> already fighting the laws of physics in those wheelbearings and whatnots,
> but other than that, just keep it good and lubed with AMSOIL.
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> Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 07:50:02 -0500
> From: David Derer <>
> Subject: dreams
> An adventure of a lifetime, or am I just dreaming?
> Ken Chambers, CA
> '64 Amphi
> Our lives are our dreams made into reality. That is what sets us apart
> from majority. You better get a.c. blowing cold. Get Speed Vision or
> Classic Car to document. Later Dave
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> Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 22:47:06 -0000
> From:
> Subject: Catching up...
> Been away, been busier than a one-armed wall-
> paper hanger in a tornado. Did manage a visit
> to Kansas and got an Amphi ride from Scott M.
> Great timing as my Amphi is in dry docks for
> new interior, top, floor, powder coating rims,
> brake cylinder sleeving, and some bilge area
> explorations. {One never knows what lurks in
> one's bilge until one becomes one with one's bilge}.
> Anyway, thanks again Scott!! It was a pleasure to
> be received by a fellow Amphimite, especially in
> tornado alley of the Bible belt.
> A daily heap of postings on the board, new comers
> and vets alike. I remember when 3 postings a day
> was the norm. Noted a few references in postings
> recently to which I'm expected to respond.
> 1. Diaphragms (fuel pump or otherwise) and Amphi -
> I cannot support any method of Amphi birth control,
> especially the pill, IUD, diaphragms, or even the condom.
> However, I must confess I did use the sponge on one
> occasion... but that was my boner not Amphi's. I
> reckon the rhythm method is your best bet.
> 2. That feeling in the gut when you get a lead on a
> virgin Amphi abandoned in a shed, only to find out
> later the lead was a dead end - As best as I can
> determine, this feeling is akin to the feeling you get
> when you were a teenager on your first romantic
> encounter and you successfully got to first and second
> base. Then as you were nearing third base you were
> thrown out and sent home with a pair of blue balls.
> Of course you didn't give up then and nor should you
> neglect to peruse any potential Amphi leads now.
> 3. Stealing all the attention at the car show - Here
> is an interesting phenomenon to which I attribute
> Amphi's telepathic abilities. Most cars and boats
> emit some level of telepathy, but only Amphi can
> drown out the others and be heard above the typical
> primitive vehicular chatter. As for displaying an
> Amphi in a giant pool of water for a few days...
> that is a gutsy play. Left unattended in a pool of
> water your Amphi may discover that his combined
> weight in a pool far exceeds the pool wall structure
> capacity and learn to make his own huge splash by
> bursting the pool walls. I'd still like to see a photo
> of the pool display... I'd use if for disciplinary
> purposes in case my Amphi ever gets naughty.
> Amphipoda
> '64 Turquoise
> San Diego, CA
> PS - finally sent my Celina 2001 photo rolls in for
> development. Should have them back on Monday.
> Dave the Wave should get ready to be blackmailed.
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> Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 16:47:14 -0800
> From: Craig Taylor <>
> Subject: A little off subject but I just had to share!
> Beleave it or not the lonely Alaskan Amphi wanabe is nolonger lonely. I
> cast aside my batchelor ways and have a women in my life. Yes she lives
> and breaths and doesen't even take Prozak. And get this. She told me
> the other night that she would rather get tools then flowers for
> Valentines! Waaaaahoooooo I'm in Love!!!!! Now all is need is an Amphi
> and life would be perfect!
> Craig, Flat Lake Alaska
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> Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 21:32:17 EDT
> From:
> Subject: Re: A little off subject but I just had to share!
> Congratulations! The kind of woman alot of guys wish for!! Can you imagine
> the most spectacular woman for we single guys? She is young, beautiful,
> to twist wrenches and she even has her own Amphi!!
> Does anyone know where she is? If so, please email me ASAP!!
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Bill Syx would be proud of you! :)

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I came down the ramp at about 20MPH and hit the
> water with a huge splash, soaking all the people standing there.
That was
> not enough, as Victor (from Fla) wanted another picture so back out
and down
> the ramp again for an even bigger splash.