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Dave Derer

Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 07:22:53 -0900
From: Craig Taylor <>
Subject: Re: Nav light

On the subject of nav lights... Mine is in exalent condition. So good I suspect
it might not be an original. Is there a way to tell them apart from the repos?
My car spent 17 years in a locked conex in Fairbanks so that my explain it's

Craig in Alaska
Red 66 Amphicar(RDUCKY)

Craig my advice is to ship it to me for inspection. Along with the rest of the
car. I only want to help. If it is a "fake" I will keep it here so as not to
contaminate Alaska. Today I installed some thick foam for wheel houses. My feet
get cold when water temps are low. Today the river is still ice free and I am
off to moon light bay. Doug Parsons famous for Celina T shirts will be designing
The fifth and final swim with Dave the Wave t shirt. I did ask for the Mermaids
to be wearing sea shells. If enough people ask maybe we can get Gourd to come to
My swim in too. Happy New Year. The river was great I love being on water. Later
Dave the Wave

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Craig Taylor

I'll send it right off! I'll even pay the shipping bill. However I do need to
charge a packing fee... $30 K should cover it. :)

Craig in Alaska
Red 66 Amphicar(RDUCKY)

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