Nashing in Alaska


Bill Connelly

This is slightly off-topic, but you should take a look at this Nash
Metropolitan on Ebay:

PS - This is up your way Craig, maybe you have the wrong car? Nahh!!

If you like that, you'll LOVE this page:

Those poor Met owners get that whole "Hey, is that one of those boat cars?"
treatment, but without actually being able to answer "Yep!". Very sad. In
fact, lots of members of their Metropolitan Owners Club, which used to hold
their national meets somewhere relatively nearby, used to attend the
Amphicar Swim-Ins when they were still being held in upstate New York. One
couple whose Met had the plates "PUDLJMPR" used to even make nice little
Amphicar earrings, brooches and tie tacks. Good folks...a whole lot like
Amphicar people. Maybe they should hire those heroic Cuban guys Luis and
Marcial some day to build them an Amphibian, so that at least they can say
when asked: "Well, SOME of them swim."

By the way, anyone wanting to find out what happened to our Buick-floating
compadres can read all about it through the Google News search service at:


David Chapman

There is another similarity between the Nash Metropolitan and Amphicar. All to
do with rebuilding Europe after WW2. Much like the Amphicar in Germany the Met
was one of the methods used to restart the post war economy. Mets were built in
the Austin factory in Longbridge, Birmingham, over 95% were then exported to
the US. This caused much resentment in the UK where everythng was rationed and
the normal public couldn't buy a new car. The government would only release
steel and other raw materials if the finished products were exported to help
balance of trade.

These brightly coloured Mets were seen leaving the Longbridge factory on
transporters and there was many conspiricy theories as a lot were right hand
drive. (Not well known at the time but the reason was that the USPS drove them
down the sidewalks and specified RHD so Post People could put mail in roadside
mailboxes without getting out of the car). Much of the Met was pre-war
technology so although it looks a bit like Amphi it doesn't drive anywhere near
as well, cart spring suspension and early ones didn't even have hydraulic
brakes !

Around 1961 (just as Amphicar was getting going) Met production stopped and the
factory started producing the Mini which continued until a couple of years ago
(the new Mini has nothing to do with the old and is made in a BMW factory near
Oxford) The Longbridge factory now produces MG and Rover cars for the home
market but it is expected to close in the next few years after more than 100
years of car production. The site was on the edge of the city but is now
surrounded by housing and the land is worth a fortune for residential

David Chapman in the UK


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I need to go for a test

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This is slightly off-topic, but you should take a look at this Nash
Metropolitan on Ebay:
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PS - This is up your way Craig, maybe you have the wrong car? Nahh!!

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