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Naples Maine Revisited

Jon March

Ive invited The Shaws & Richardsons 2 years in a row! - maybe this year they can get it together.
here tiz:

"Im Jon March, emcee for the annual Causeway-Classic Watercraft Parade - 24th year being held by the Mountainview Classic Boat & Car show.

We would love to have you and your vintage boat & Amphicar friends join us in our water parade , and splash-ins!, on Friday Aug 11 on the Causeway splash ins from 630-715m, and Parade lineup on Brandy Pond at 720 for a 730 start - heading under the new bridge, and along the entire causeway for 2 loops before coming in for photo opps - maybe give a ride to folks! - and the big Causeway show is Saturday - the next morning

We also are offering rides to needy Camp Sunshine kids on Tuesday the 8th at noon (free lunch if you come), a meetup for a bit at the end of Long Lake in Harrison on Wed, and you are invited to hop in a mahogany classic for wooden boat lunch at Migis Thursday - leaving from the Causeway at 10am

Forward the attached info to your vintage boat & car & Amphi friends - any any questions ahead of time - Im here for you!

Jon 203-910-7903"


Not sure how.mqny cars ara in that area but at last count a few years ago 21 cars within 15 miles of Hudson WI. It's very common to see one any weekend hanging out on the Saint Croix River. Expand the radius to 60 miles and the number jumps up much higher quickly


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is that near Milwaukee? Does anyone know where the QA1 factory is?
No, Hudson WI is due east of St Paul and Minneapolis, roughly 20 miles. SNKR770 is correct, there could be 30+ amphis in a 40 mile radius from the twin cities, Minnesota. I can speculate that none of them are on the water today.

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