name your child Amphi


Bihari, James

<table>This has nothing to do with anything, but one of my sisters is working on adopting her second child--
a little baby from Ethiopia. When she asked her otherdaughter (a cute 4 year old from China) what she
should name her new little sister, her daughter said "Amphi" after my Amphicar, which she road around
in in the yard only so far. That or "Horseshoe France." I guess she has been naming a lot of her dolls
"Amphi." I'm not sure how many of her dolls she has named "Horseshoe France" but that seems like a
good baby name as well. Frank Zappa would be proud. Since the newsgroup has been kind of slow
lately, and since this message has little to do with Amphicars, I'll tell you my favorite niece/nephew story.
Years ago, when my niece, Gretchen, lost one of her front teeth, her Mom asked her, "Gretchen, did you
lose a tooth?" Gretchen said, "No. I know where it is. It's in my nose." She had put it there for