Naked in the Rain and Snow


Arnold Hite


Sorry to hear about the treatment of your car with all of her bare parts
exposed in the weather. I doubt it will make you feel any better, but the
same thing happen to me. Two year ago I had my car bead blasted at a top
quality shop. I paid top dollar too. Next, I carried the car to a custoum
body shop that had been highly recommended, and whose work had won Best of
Show in several local car shows. He had a big shop with about 20 cars in
there so when he said he was backed-up and that it would take 4 months, I
didn't worry since I assumed my naked Amphi would be stored inside with all
the others. Even after a few months, when the work hadn't begun, I didn't
mind too much since I had gone on to other projects. Only after 6 months
did I discover that my car had been stored outside under an old canvas tarp.
What had been shiny smooth metal, had turned a nice sheen of dark coarse
I ended up taking the car to a nice guy, who did average work, but who
was willing to start right away.

Cap'n Arnie
Johns Island, SC

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