Mystery Part???


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I found this piece of metal ductwork in the box with my heat, defrost, and bilge blower parts and I don't know where it goes? I can't find any reference to it in the Amphicar manual, so I'm wondering if it's even an Amphicar part. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ted Matthews



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That's good to hear - I was already done cleaning and painting my heater and defroster parts.
Now you have one of the 2 things that are required for a successful restoration. You must have extra parts and donate some DNA to the Godz in the process. I typically I leave some blood or skin someplace and that is usually acompanied with some sort of ritual song and dance moves. :005:

Tommy in Tampa

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It aint Amphicar but it do look like it could come in real handy, someday.
It looks like something I would hold onto for 40 years before I never use it.
Tommy in Tampa


Amphi Guru & Former IAOC President
I missed something! If that is a piece of rust laying in the picture, that must be Amphicar! It's a starter kit for your next project!

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