My thoughts and an offer...


Cap''n John

I have to say at the risk of being misunderstood, I see that this is
a problem, but it is getting blown out way of proportion.

The light was taken, it was replaced which is very odd. As Joel
pointed out, What thief would take the time to replace it? NONE! I
have had 3 cars stolen in my life (not one was replaced or insured),
4 hit and runs, and I had $3500+ stolen (essentially) by a body man
(once again he didn't replace it either), I am certain many others
have similar stories.

Don't get me wrong here, I fully understand (from personal
experiences) how this event can upset someone regardless of what it
was or cost. But to serialize the lenses? This is an isolated
occurrence and it is time to let the dust settle and quietly wait for
them to do the right thing and return it.

Sooner or later, once the dust has settled, they may just send it
back. Now that this seems to be capitol offense, they may never bring
it back no matter why is was switched (prank or not). I tried to
present it diplomatically so they had an out and was slammed for it.
I loose a significant amount of money (the paint/body alone was well
over 450 hours which is significant for a rather straight and
somewhat rust free car, you can do the math) and much time, yet only
a handful seemed to have an interest. Why is this so different? I
just want to understand the whole picture.

I am sorry that this may sound harsh, I feel this is going way too
far. If this happened time and time again, I could fully understand
it being a big concern.

I **sincerely** apologize to any whom I offended as that is not my
intentions. It is difficult at best to convey this in print. I just
hope you understand and respect my view just as I do yours. I will
gladly listen to your point of view. Feel free to ping me offline. If
you feel strongly about it, ping me for my phone number and I will
listen to all you have to say.

As an olive branch, if the person who did this will send me the lens,
I will personally guarantee their anonymity (NEVER released to
anyone, completley forgotten), relay any comments and return the lens
(at my expense) to Eric.

Now you have every reason to return it so we can go back to
discussing prop shafts and broken pulleys.