My Steering Brace


John Friese

I just posted a photo (My Steering Brace) of a steering brace that I
made up from some 3/4" by 1/4" steel bar stock. I was going to go all
the way over to the other box frame but decided that it probably
wasn't necessary. I used a longer (M8 x 35mm) screw and used another
nut just behind the mounting tab. This was necessary to give
clearance for the fuel line fitting. The original screw on the
steering box was long enough as it is. The two holes are in almost
exactly the same plane.
The only problem with mass producing this brace is that Amphicars
weren't always put together exactly the same way and the required
length varies a bit because the mount isn't in exactly the same
position. I guess some of the earliest don't even have this fuel shut
off mount and the last of them moved the shut off and used this point
for the emergency brake return spring. That last one isn't a problem
since you can simply drill a small hole in the brace, just above the
mount, for the spring. I actually never saw much movement of the
steering box but all the chatter about the problem made me try this.
It's certainly much simpler than something that requires welding and
painting. So far, it seems fine. Let me know what you guys think of

John Friese