My own + swim in + mufflers


Dave Derer

My own car, a really rusty 65. Has been upside down for nearly a year.
Some how I lost my "spark" and just did not want to deal with so much
rust. I have my "hot rod" engine right in my way and it helped reignite
me. Its a great feeling. In two really long days of welding I have a
hull that is ready for paint. Then all that is left to do is everything.
Oh well I would rather float ugly than not at all. Sons Ray and Mike
know that part of thier Christmas vacation will be installing trans and
engine. Ray is getting good at it.

4th Swim with Dave (May 17 2003 week end) is getting bigger. I talked
with Byron Dragstrip owner and looks like we will be able to get some
pics on track. I have people coming from Florida, Kentucky, Michigan,
Wisconsin, California, and Illinois. March newsletter will have
details. Later Dave the Wave

My Birthday was excellent. I threw myself a party at the Blackhawk
Lodge. The same place my swim in will be. The Tillers came out to pick
up thier car and stayed the night. They liked everything so well they
reserved a room for the swim in for three nights. I tell you that 39-40
change was bad but now that I changed gears these 40's are actually
pretty cool.

Mufflers, I go to farm supply. For 20 bucks I get a nice light wieght
alumnized muffler. The size and wieght make the install very easy. They
sound good too.

Just got back from painters, My white Amphi is looking good. Only about
three weeks of delays! Hopefully in a week it will come back home. Need
to get four more ready. Red, red, blue, and yellow. Later Dave the Wave