My old dipstick...



Now I see what the hoopla is/was about.
I got my "T" shaped tranny dipstick today.
Pretty cool, gotta love the Amphi club, its
board and president for once again going
the extra nautical mile for its members.
This club rocks!
May all the new members find a pleasant
surprise as they grow gills, webbing between
the toes, and become amphibians, but you
gotta officially join the club and pay the
bargain basement club dues before you get
the real perks of membership.
So when I was verifying my new dipstick for
accuracy (something you are encouraged to
do regardless) I was overcome with the
memory of when I first scribed lines on my old
jumbo Phillips screwdriver to act as a dipstick.
It seems so long ago now? back before I
knew my bilge hole from a hull leak, before I
posted over 400 utterly ridiculous ramblings
on this board, before I even went to my first
Celina gathering. My amphibious memories
are among my best memories.
Amphi & I wish to thank the IAOC board &
president for the holiday present. And yes,
Mark, it does a fine job of concocting a decent
mixed beverage too. W = water (ice) & L =
liquor, then stir and drink. But it seems to
work better if you wipe off the tranny oil first.

Be well, swim safe.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA