My Mother likes Amphicars too



The time has come to remember our wonderful Mothers. My Mother is
loved and appreciated by me for one of many reasons such as, she put
up with me and the things I used to get into when I was young, like
boats and cars. She remembers the first Amphicar we saw across the
street from the house where we grew up. As it happened, the
neighbors opened a new Amphicar dealership in the early 60's. We
were so lucky to have gotten so many up close looks and rides when
Amphicars were new.
When I told my Mother that I bought one a few years back, she was
happy for me. She always knew what I would end up with one she said.
I want to wish all the Mothers that may read this, A Very Happy
Mother's Day.
Mothers should be Loved, Honored and Respected.
I Love My Mother
'64 Turq