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This morning I took my two kids, 9 and 6, to our local Irvine Lake
for our Maiden Voyage in the 64 Red that I purchsed from Dave Field
in Canada. The weather was beautifully clear and in the mid 80's. The
water was like glass.

I was not really thrilled about taking the Amphicar to this lake
since it is a private reservoir and I figured out that the fees to
get in the water would be a staggering $39.00 !! However, it is
within 5 miles from my house, so I decided to bite the bullet and go
for it.

I pulled up to the front gate, the manager smiled from ear to ear
when he saw what we were driving, and just waved us on through -- NO

The runs were successful, although my 6 year old son was convinced
that we were going to sink.

I must admit that having never driven an Amphicar in the water, and,
for that matter, never having even ridden in a one, it is a VERY
foreign experience to drive your car into the water. It just defeats
all logic that we have taught about driving a car.

Nevertheless, I am now hooked and found the experience to be totally
hilarious and fun.

How do I post photos to the Files or Photos area? I could not figure
it out.

Looking forward to more adventures.

Ed Howard
Orange County, CA
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