My Introduction


Dana Freeman

Hello Folks,
My name is Dana Freeman and this is my first real post to this list. I am
indeed an Amphicar Lover. Alas, I do not (YET) own one. I have hopes to
change that status in the next year or so. I have been following the posts
the last couple of weeks and am learning a heck of a lot. I am thankful for
all the knowledge and insight that is shared here. I hope to learn a lot
that will help me once I am able to own one of these great vehicles. I went
for a ride in one in the early seventies with a local gentleman who owned
one (being in the right place at the right time). My lust has remained idle
for quite awhile, but has recently manifested itself with a serious passion
for knowledge of all things Amphicar!! I cannot get enough.

To fuel my fever I have a question for the list. I live in southern
Connecticut, and would love to hear from someone nearby who owns one. I am
very willing to trade man hours of labor for the chance to learn more about
the workings of an Amphicar. Of course, I look forward to the opportunity
for a swim in one. So, if any one on this list is near me, please get in
touch. I want to see your car, learn from you, offer my help, and/or give
you an opportunity to talk and share your enthusiasm for the Amphicar. I
have basic mechanical skills and a good mechanical mind.


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