My first show...



I had my Amphi in her first real sanctioned car show (they are "on
show" always anyway) last Saturday. She was a hit! I answered all the
same questions and loved all the laughs and smiles around her. It was
fun to sit back and pretend to not be the owner. The comments people
say are funny!

At the award part of the show I hear them announce my name! WOO HOO!
I won a 1st place in the "Special Interest" category! I was against a
34 Auburn Boat tail, a late 30's Mercedes and many custom rods. I had
never won a trophy for anything before and now I have a big 2' trophy
on the shelf.

The show also raised almost $1000 in donations for the troops from a
local Army base (Fort Carson) to use for what ever they need. Oddly
enough, they need disposable diapers. Why? They fill them with water
to place on their heads, under the helmet to help keep cool.


John Bevins