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    I think I have an idea for a Celina Amphi game.
    Been kicking this around on the Monday chat
    room for awhile and decided NOW is the time
    to post it. The game is called Bilge Pump Limbo
    or "BPL" for short.
    In essence we gather 2 classes of Amphicars -
    One is the stock bilge pump class, the other is
    the non-stock bilge pump class. For the non-
    stock class - ANYTHING mounted goes!
    Each class then allows its Amphis to consume
    a few gallons of water (Amphi owner may also
    consume beverage of choice). Then all of
    the participating Amphis from each of the
    two classes (stock & non-stock) line up in
    rows in the parking lot (Eagles Lodge is good),
    where each owner fires off a few squirts of
    bilge water. The distance of the squirts are
    marked and the farthest squirting 10 Amphis
    proceed to round 2. More water is acquired
    by each surviving Amphi (more beverage of
    choice by each surviving owner). In round
    2 the owners are required to limbo dance
    under their respective Amphi bilge water
    fountains (good reason to clean out the old
    bilge area beforehand). Of course music
    will be playing and everyone will get huge
    laughs. If by chance any owners manage to
    stay dry they will be ushered into round 3
    (more Amphi and owner beverage consumption)
    where the Bilge Pump Limbo is performed
    blindfolded. I can't envision more than one
    winner in each class (but I could easily invent
    a 4th round contest if needed) so the winners
    would then be awarded their prize(s). Perhaps
    some dry Celina 2001 Amphicar t-shirts would
    make nice prizes.

    Here is where I ask if the Bilge Pump Limbo (aka
    BPL) game is too outrageous ??? Are there any
    suggestions on rule variations and/or prizes ???
    Comments welcome. Thanks.

    `64 Turquoise
    Insane D-Eggo, CA

    Okay, okay, it's not THAT serious of a posting,
    but compared to my average posting it's a start.
  2. "Cap''n" John

    -->Here is where I ask if the Bilge Pump Limbo (aka BPL) game is too
    outrageous ???


    Too outrageous?
    Comming from you, that is well, ummm, outrageous! ;=)

    I think that outrageous is good! However those with the handy dandy
    spount from Billy will not have much trouble getting under their

    Maybe add a class for those able to point their spouts upwards and
    one for those with stock spouts. ;=) Maybe if I drop a couple of
    Viagra in the bilge....

    In short (so to speak), GREAT IDEA!


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