My DMV Story (part I & II) from Year 2000

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Since were talking DMV stories... here's
my DMV Story (part I & II) from Year 2000:

After a 45 minute wait in line... an elderly woman,
blue hair and thick glasses, beckons me forward;

ME: Ahh finally, Hello. I'd like to get a year 2000
boat registration.
DMV: No problem. What type of water craft is it?
ME: It's a 1964 Amphicar.
DMV: Car registration is in window "D." Next in line
ME: Whoa... wait a second please. I need a boat
DMV: You said you have a car, your in the wrong line.
ME: I said I have an Amphicar, which acts like a boat.
DMV: Oh, so it's a really big car. Very funny, but
you still need window "D."
ME: No, no, you still don't understand. It really is
a boat AND a car.
DMV: Sir, do you need to register a car or a boat or a
ME: Just need a boat registration for my amphibious
car, I already have the "car half" registered.
DMV: I've been at DMV 17 years and never heard of
such a thing.
ME: It's parked out front if you'd like a look.
DMV: You towed it here?
ME: No, I drove it here.
DMV: So it is a car! Sir, please go to window "D."
Next in line.
ME: Wait a minute, please. I already have the car
DMV: I'm sorry sir, but this line is for water craft &
trailers ONLY!
ME: I have a water craft, damn it. Look outside, it
has CF numbers.
DMV: I'm going to get my supervisor, wait here sir.

Suddenly all the DMV clerks seemed to be staring in my
direction. I thought for sure security was going to
give me a Rodney King beating. Then one by one they
all seemed to go on break and vanished. Every person
in line was frozen and all eyes focused outside...
focused on Amphi. 10 minutes later the same lady

DMV: Sir, I apologize for the confusion, but your
vehicle so unique.
ME: I reckon you're right, but how `bout that boat
registration sticker?
DMV: No problem, that'll be $5.00 please.
ME: Thanks, see you at the lake some weekend.
DMV: Not likely, I have to go work at window "D" on

Would you believe, Amphi at DMV has a part II...

Got a call from the DMV and was requested to
"re-appear" before the supervisor. Apparently my
Amphi was only Pink Slip transferred as an auto and
the former owner still owns the "boat half" of Amphi...

ME: Hi, I'm back at your request regarding my
DMV: Auto registration is at window "D."
ME: Whoa... you called me back about the boat title.
DMV: Oh yeah, I remember you now. We need you to
file a title statement.
ME: Will this give me dual ownership?
DMV: Only if Sacramento CA, deems it appropriate.
ME: What if they don't go for it?
DMV: Then you can only use it as an automobile.
ME: Sort of defeats the purpose, don't you think?
DMV: We're not supposed to think - we're DMV and
we go by the book.
ME: Is amphibious vehicle in the book?
DMV: Everything is in "The Book." Even UFO's.
ME: Now what?
DMV: Sign here, and here, and here.
ME: Okay, is that it?
DMV: No, our district manager wants to see your boat
or car or whatever it is.
ME: Didn't bring it today. But I have some photos.
DMV: Oh these are lovely... may I show these around?
ME: Sure, in fact you can have them. May I go now?
DMV: Oh thank you sir, yes we are done... for now.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego