My Classic Car


ray handloser

Marc, Just read your last post. You can count Chris & I in on going
to Evansville in Oct. I posted one picture to the files. It's under
My Classic Car. I'll post the rest after they have been developed.
Ray '67 Red

Bill Connelly

> What does that mean, National Syndication Week?
> Mike

From the layout in the "My Classic Car" website, I believe it should be read
not as "National Syndication Week", but rather as "National Syndication,
Week of Nov 25, 26" (note the comma).

For more details on this and other Amphicar-related broadcasts, links to
information about local air times and channels, one should make a point of
dropping in from time to time on the Club's new "Calendar of Events" page at

Naturally, anybody with Amphicar events or get togethers to announce is
encouraged to drop a line.


Robert B. Wright

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<font size="2">My Classic Car Celina show displayed only a few amphicars,and no amphi interviews. However one segment closed with the firetruck video "We will be right back". This show will air next on Speedvision the first week in January.</font>
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