My Classic Car event September 28-30


Marc Schlemmer

Following is a personal invitation from Dennis Gage, host of My Classic Car
and obviously an Amphicar Lover, inviting the Amphicar world to Evansville,
Indiana for their annual AutoFest weekend this September. Visit their web
page at:

It looks like the best thing for the Amphicars is a Friday night Cruise In
planned for along the Ohio River and their new Public Landing. The "normal"
cars will be hanging out on shore while the Amphicars can swim about.
Saturday and Sunday is a HUGE car show (away from the river). Sounds to me
like a good time for the Amphicars to play around by ourselves......maybe
drop in on the show for a while, but most Amphicars would rather be wet than
hang out at a show.

In any case...Elizabeth and I plan to head down, and Club Member Robert
Wright lives in Evansville, so he'll be there with his car. May just be a
fun, casual weekend!

Marc Schlemmer.

----original message----
From: Dennis Gage, My Classic Car


This year Autofest is becoming a City of Evansville event. It will still
bear My Classic Car's name and I will be there as always shooting an
episode, however, the financial risk will be assumed by the City. I like

We've also got the OK to have the entire event downtown on Main Street and
the associated side streets. Should be pretty cool. The city has really
gotten behind this thing.

They will also be finishing a complete overhaul of Dress Plaza (the public
landing on the Ohio). Should be perfect for launching Amphicars! They have
also built a Serpentine Wall much like in Cincinnati for spectators and it
will be very nice.

I'd like to extend a personal invitation to the entire Amphicar Club to
attend. As you know, Robert Wright, of Wright Motors here in Evansville, is
an Amphicar owner and also a big supporter of the event.

Would you please pass my invitation on to others or tell me how I could get
it out broadly to all the folks in the club.

You guys are so much fun and it would be great to have a bunch of you here
this year. The dates are September 28 - 30.

Happy swimming,

Dennis Gage

P.S. I checked out the site. Loved the pics of Celina 2000! My daughter,
Jillian, is still talking about that weekend.