My Classic Car --- Celina


Robert B. Wright

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<font size="2">Greetings from Evansville. I talked with Dennis Guage. The Celina Show is 01 61 08. Indicating the 8th episode in 2001. Celina is scheduled on Speedvision 4 times in april 2001. April 1st 6:30 pm estern , April 6th 3:30 am eastern , April 6th 4:00pm eastern , and April 7th 6:00pm eastern. This imformation is available at under Speedvision T.V.schedule. There is an Amphicar group photo under Celina at this web sight with 3 or 4 unknown amphis. Also f.y.i. this weekend Popular Hot Rodding T.V. on TNN features a 1965 Wright Motors G.T.O.convertable with 700 h.p. We are currently working on a special project. A 700 h.p. Amphicar but we are encountering weight and space problems. ROBERT WRIGHT RED 1967</font>
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