My boat registration a swim in the lake

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    Hi All,
    I went to our local office of the Environmental Police to register
    my Amphi today. The woman behind the counter looked at me puzzled
    because I had handed her the title to an automobile. She queried me
    for the BOAT title so I returned the puzzled look. "Why do I need a
    boat title" I asked knowing the impending response. "This is a car" I
    told her. "Oh" was her only response. The next query was even more
    interesting and confusing. She decided that I needed to pax sales
    tax. I am sure that she regreted that statement as soon as she said
    it. "Why do I need to pay that?" I asked. "Because in Massachusettes
    you have to pay sales tax if you never registered your boat before"
    she said defiantly. Well, can you imagine the nerve of her insisting
    on collecting tax when in order to get a title from the RMV you first
    are required to pay sales tax HELLO????
    After she calmed down a bit she became quite inquisitive and
    actually a joy to work with.

    She actually gave me the oportunity to request my own registration
    number MS62AC for 62 Amphicar. See who says that all state
    workers are difficult!

    The RMV will be next......

    62 Blue

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