Andreas Gomoll

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E0F1F661-D52D-4460-95D1-F75B235E1958.jpeg 3CFEED8A-41B3-4245-873F-E14F54DE3940.jpeg ED063C04-D745-4C0F-80FF-4D742054560D.jpeg 25D898F5-8AA2-4E24-8C31-1A21975D0AE9.jpeg 25563AC8-0BF2-4C0E-9B91-7D668D0C8A45.jpeg 5DD78477-FE9E-4E50-8310-2855928F76FE.jpeg Hello, my Amphicar has some specials nobody could explain until now... The car has been sold new to Uganda and was one of three. Historie seems to proof all has been used by Idi Amin, a dictator in the sixties.
So maybe the extras were related to.
First three pictures show the situation in the back - a kind of connector maybe
And the other three the platform inside below rear seat. The way the platform has been welded to the frame seems to be OEM work.
Hope somebody has a idea.
I appreciate

Mike Anthony

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Fascinating history. I wonder why Mr. Amin needed three Amphicars. I understand that he was of substantial girth so maybe the rear seat was strengthed to accommodate his entire majesty. I have no answer to your questions.